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Reaching agreement through mediation can avoid lengthy negotiation through attorneys or disputes in the courts.

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  Forms and Articles


Larry has written a number of professional articles, especially in the last several years. Four of his articles, including 'Demystifying American Family Law', are available at Ten other articles have appeared in the Professional Family Mediator, which is the online quarterly of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. These may be accessed on the APFM website,, where they will be listed under 'Newsletter'. Larry was interviewed for the August 28, 2013 issue of the Virginia Lawyers Weekly. Click on VLW Article to read it. For another recent article, Beyond 'Divorce American Style': The Search for a More Responsive Process, click on Article.

Useful Forms

The attached forms are designed to give you a useful way to collect and organize financial information, for your own use and to share it with the other party. Thus filling them out is good 'homework', they provide an appropriate financial disclosure to the other party, and they help the mediator conduct the mediation more efficiently. All of these forms can be downloaded here:

All of these forms can be downloaded here:

Expense Forms
These are monthly income and expense worksheets. If you download and save the Expenses.xls form, it becomes an Excel spreadsheet on your computer and automatically adds and subtracts the figures to provide balances. Expenses.pdf is an Adobe Acrobat form and has to be filled out by hand – and it won’t do calculations. The Excel form can be sent back by computer; the Adobe form can’t unless you scan it. This form is very helpful in financial planning. We generally encourage each party to fill this out separately, unless the issues relate to sharing expenses in the same household.

Spreadsheet Form
This is a new form that allows you to insert figures as to accounts (bank, investment, and retirement), real estate, vehicles, and other assets, as well as credit card debts. Since it is an Excel form, it does calculations for you. You don’t have to understand spreadsheets to use this form – just fill in the information and numbers in the proper boxes. Again, you need to click on “save” to download this form as an Excel spreadsheet. This form is the most useful vehicle to collect the family financial information. Again, we encourage each party to fill this out separately.

Worksheet Forms
This form is available in both Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats. This is a form that is almost always filled out by hand (it’s not computer friendly). It covers most of the same material as the Spreadsheet form, so there would be no reason to do both.

Using the Forms
Even if you haven’t done computer spreadsheets before, you should consider using the Excel spreadsheets.  You really don’t need to know anything about spreadsheets to use them, again because they do the work for you.  Just insert the information and let your computer do the calculating.

Although we don’t require that you fill out these forms and bring them to the first meeting, it’s often a good idea to at least do the Spreadsheet.xls form.  However, if your case is a very straightforward one and filling out the forms would be a “make-work” project, or if you already have the information in your own or someone else’s format, then you may not need our forms.

Other useful forms, such as the Virginia child support guidelines worksheets, are available on request and the files can be sent to you by e-mail. We also have outlines as to how to reside in the same household and still count time toward the separation, and setting forth some suggested ground rules as how to make that time less stressful.

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